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Embedded System

Embedded C programming training is an elementary course focusing on the knowledge and skills required to define the functionality of the embedded systems. Training will immerse the candidates into the techniques for the development of the reliable embedded systems for ensuring the error free performance of the devices. 8051 µC training course is designed to understand the complexity of designing in embedded systems and explain 8051 microcontroller in detail. Participants will gain understanding on the architecture, pin diagram, and addressing modes of 8051. Different types of interfaces possible with 8051 is also covered in the course curriculum. Knowledge and skills imparted during this training is beneficial in the manufacturing of scroll message display, measuring devices, remote control applications, robotics, and many others. ARM µP training lays emphasis on providing details about NXP’s ARM7 (LPC21xx ) processor. Training will be imparted on ARM microcontroller Development Board to equip the participants with the skills required y the embedded systems industry. The course curriculum broadly covers ARM7 architecture, instruction set, programming tools, and debugging techniques. Interfacing of IO device is also taught by keeping focus on different interfacing techniques such as I2C, SPI, ADC, DAC, and USB. Serial communication and hardware timer programming are also discussed. Embedded Linux and Real Time Operating System (RTOS) Training focuses on the understanding of Embedded Linux, Kernel classification, and RTOS. Participants are exposed to Linux development environment and GUI application development. Embedded Linux programming introduces varioust tools required at different stages of development of the application. The trainees learn how to use GCC compiler, GDB debugger, and other tracing, profiling, boot loading tools.



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